Outreach details for Cambodia

SOOOO EXCTIED!! The man who runs the YWAM base we will be stationed out of in Cambodia was teaching last week here in Perth, so we were able to chat with him a bit about Cambodia and the ministry opportunities there. He started the base when God spoke to him out of the story of Joseph. Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery, but over many years God’s favor on Joseph brought Joseph into a position of high power in Egypt and he ended up being able to save his family during a famine. Genesis 50:20 says, “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today.”

            Cambodia went through a horrible civil war from 1970-1975 initiated by a communist party called the Khmer Rouge. The Khmer Rouge killed approximately 2 million people through political executions, starvation and forced labor. In 1970 the total population of Cambodia was only 6 million, so the Khmer Rouge murdered 1/3 of the population. Although the turmoil of the Khmer Rouge is no longer leading the government in Cambodia, their actions have left a trail of hardship. Their population is now a very young population- due to the massive deaths between 1970-1975. Nearly 32% of the nation is under the age of 15.

            God has shown Garth, the leader of the YWAM base in Cambodia, that what the enemy meant for evil God is going to use to bring good. This young population gives a platform for the country to change in a generation. The YWAM base is focused on youth ministries reaching out to build up, create relationships, evangelize, and disciple. Presently the main religion in Cambodia is Buddhist (95%). That means that 95% of the country is spiritually dead. We believe God wants to use the base (and us while we are there :)) to build into the youth and bring spiritual life through Jesus. The civil war and ruling of the Khmer Rouge also brought poor agricultural reform leading to famine and improper medical treatments causing treatable diseases such as malaria to spread, so we will also be working on basic health care and other mercy ministries as well- specifically an orphanage for HIV positive children.

            I am very excited to be working with youth since this is where I feel God leading me to most and the area I am most gifted in. The base has a youth center that I am hoping to be doing most of my ministry time in, but I know that God will use me to touch the lives of everyone I meet. For more information about the youth center you can visit http://ywamcambodia.com/youth-center. For more information about the base itself and other ministries you can visit http://ywamcambodia.com/home.

Please pray for God’s movement and vision for our team, for good health, spiritual and physical protection and financial provision. Thank you so much for your support I love and miss you all!


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